Safari World Bangkok (Ticket Only)

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Safari World Bangkok

Safari World is a zoo for those who don't like zoos… of course like any animal parks it has some good and some not so good sides but here animals certainly do have huge amount of space to roam free.

Opened since 1988, Safari World is divided in two distinct areas: The open space of Safari Park where you can drive through in your car or in the park bus represents 480 acres for its open zoo and 180 acres for its bird park, then the Marine Park which is more of a traditional zoo mixed with many shows, lots of food stalls and plenty of souvenir shops.

Show times

  • Orang Utan show: Weekday 10:20 Weekend 10:20, 15:45
  • Sea Lion show: Weekday 11:00 Weekend 11:00, 16:15
  • Elephant show: Weekday/Weekend 11:40
  • Cowboy stunt show: Weekday 11:40 Weekend 11:40, 16:40
  • Dolphin show: Weekday/Weekend 13:45
  • Spy War: Weekday/Weekend 14:30
  • Bird show: Weekday/Weekend 10:20, 15:40
  • Tiger feeding in the Safari Park Open Zoo: 9:30

Price Includes

  • Buffet lunch at Jungle Cruise Restaurant. (Terms and Conditions)
  • Orang Utan Boxing Show.
  • Entrance fee.
  • Spy War Show.
  • Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show or Elephant Show.
  • Dolphin Show.
  • Bird Show.
  • Safari Park.


  • Show Schedule is subject to change without prior announcement.
  • Tour and program can be flexible depending on time and weather condition.
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 –16:30 hrs (Weekday), 09:00 –17:00 hrs (Weekend)
  • Location: 99 Panyaintra Road, Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa
  • All drinks are not allowed.

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