Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

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Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya

Swiss Sheep Farm Pattaya is the new natural place surrounded by mountain, lovely pets and farm euro country style. CLASSIC TOWN We pround to inventive the classic European city like shopping centers in Europe. Waiting for you to enjoy and an impressive. There are various games and euro country activities.


  • Natural euro country style surrounded by mountains and Lovely pet in Classic farm.
  • Europe Style activities such as country boy, archery other animals. Try riding horse and feed sheep including amusement part for the kid.

Price Includes

  • Admission fee

Price Excludes

  • Transfer services.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Optional activity costs.


  • Open daily 10:00 am - 7:00 pm (Mon-Fri), 09:00 am - 07.00 pm. (Sat-Sun)
  • Children height under 100 cms. are free of charge
  • In any case of your booking isn't matched with reality when you show upfront (such as child's age, child's height, the quantity of people and etc), you are responsible to pay the additional charge upfront the show/tour. reserves the right to non-refund if the booking is mistaken reserved by guest.

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