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International Buffet and Seafood at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

This seafood buffet experience comes with one of the best views in Bangkok. Occupying the 76th and 78th floors of towering Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok Sky delights you with an extensive assortment of seafood – river lobster, prawns, shrimp, squid, scallops, clams, crab and fish – prepared as a salad, spicy soup, stir-fried in curry paste, tempura and Teppanyaki style, or sprinkled with salt and steamed to mouthwatering perfection.

Enjoy your favourite selections with unlimited soft drinks for lunch and dinner, with the added benefit of complimentary access to the Observation Deck on the 77th floor and Revolving View Point on the 84th floor (free admission). At these heights, the view of downtown Bangkok and beyond are simply unbeatable.

Price Includes

  • Admissions to the Observation Deck on the 77th floor and Revolving View Point on the 84th floor
  • International buffet
  • Soft drinks.

Price Excludes

  • Personal expenses such as tips, alcoholic beverage, etc
  • Other services not mentioned on this programme


  • Redemption location: 18th or 19th Floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
  • These rates are applicable for foreign tourists only.
  • Observation Deck on the 77th floor and Sky Walk Revolving Roof Deck on the 84th floor./ Open from 10:00-18:00,Open from 18:00-22:00
  • The customers can spend their time for 2 hours per round.
  • A child's rate will be applied for children between 80-120 cm in height.
  • Rates not applicable for festive days; Mother day (12 Aug), Father Day (5 Dec) and Songkran Day (13 April).
  • In any case of your booking isn't matched with reality when you show upfront (such as child's age, child's height, the quantity of people and etc), you are responsible to pay the additional charge upfront the show/tour. reserves the right to non-refund if the booking is mistaken reserved by guest.

How to use

  • You must book at least 24 hours prior to arrival
  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher to a ticket counter on 18th or 19th Floor to redeem the real ticket to enter the restaurant.
  • The person who books and receives the confirmation voucher must present a valid photo ID/passport along with the voucher number
  • The voucher is valid only on specified date and time of the program

Floating Market Restaurant on 75th Floor

  • Lunch Operation Time 11.00–15.00 /1st Round 11.00-12.30 /2nd Round 13.00-14.30 /Limit Time 1.5 hours.
  • Dinner Operation Time 17.00–22.00 /1st Round 17.00-18.30 /2nd Round 19.00-20.30 /3rd Round 20.30-22.00/ Limit Time 1.5 hours.

Baiyoke Sky Restaurant on 76th and 78th Floor

  • Lunch Operation Time 11.00–15.00 /1st Round 11.00-12.30 /2nd Round 13.00-14.30/ Limit Time 1.5 hours.
  • Dinner Operation Time 17.00–22.00 /1st Round 17.00-18.30 /2nd Round 19.00-20.30 /3rd Round 20.30-22.00/ Limit Time 1.5 hours.

How to get there

  • Located in the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok, Baiyoke Sky is a 5-minute walk from Ratchaprarop train station and 10 minutes from Phayathai BTS station. The bustling Pratunam Market and the Platinum Fashion Mall are within a 10-minute walking distance from the hotel. International travellers can access the property in a 25 minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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Excellent buffet for less money worth it. Reviewed 1/17/2019 5:28:00 PM

Satya Murthy Kambeti
Excellent location but the reservation at different floor Reviewed 1/4/2019 2:54:00 PM

It was excellent. Reviewed 12/20/2018 4:59:00 PM

Good Reviewed 10/17/2018 5:16:00 PM

Overall good variety of food Reviewed 8/11/2018 9:30:00 AM

vipin Trehan
Veg. Indian Food Reviewed 7/19/2018 7:47:00 PM

khushi Ram
good view and the taste is good enough Reviewed 7/4/2018 11:49:00 AM

Nice buffet and rooftop Reviewed 6/18/2018 1:31:00 PM

Not value for money Reviewed 6/8/2018 1:45:00 PM

Floating market restaurant Reviewed 5/2/2018 11:34:00 AM

very poor buffet Reviewed 4/10/2018 1:47:00 PM

Perfect location with average food Reviewed 3/31/2018 12:05:00 AM

M. D. Daniel Hadinoto
Good Reviewed 3/5/2018 2:55:00 PM

We were moved to 75th floating market restaurant Reviewed 3/5/2018 1:26:00 PM

Pretty nice view Reviewed 3/2/2018 9:45:00 PM

ok Reviewed 2/13/2018 11:22:00 AM

vaclav kokes
Great Reviewed 1/9/2018 9:42:00 AM

Everything Went As Planned Reviewed 12/9/2017 6:04:00 AM

good Reviewed 12/6/2017 2:08:00 PM

Good selection of food, nice view Reviewed 11/19/2017 6:32:00 AM

Good experience for International Buffet and Seafood at 75th Floor Reviewed 10/27/2017 10:20:00 AM

Nguyen Phong
Good and nice Reviewed 10/3/2017 12:59:00 PM

AJ Phoon
Nice view, good location Reviewed 6/6/2017 8:14:00 PM

Wong km
The food and view is good Reviewed 5/17/2017 8:34:00 AM

Kind of good restaurant with excellent services Reviewed 5/13/2017 9:35:00 AM

Rini Puspitasari
Great views, great choice and great value! Reviewed 4/3/2017 1:24:00 PM

Excellent food and service with a great view😍 Reviewed 2/22/2017 7:00:00 PM

Ruvi Jayasuriya
Excellent location and view BUT the buffet dinner very bad Reviewed 2/7/2017 3:04:00 PM

Jennifer Tang
Great dinner n view Reviewed 2/2/2017 12:55:00 AM

Just another way experience. Reviewed 12/30/2016 11:57:00 PM

Mario Manzella
Top of Thailand dining . Reviewed 12/27/2016 10:11:00 AM

Tina campbell
Nice food Reviewed 12/22/2016 8:50:00 PM

David wong
Wide spread Reviewed 12/15/2016 9:17:00 PM

Raymond khoo
Nice view and good food Reviewed 12/6/2016 11:37:00 AM

Hoang Kim Hien
Superb food with beautiful night city view Reviewed 11/17/2016 11:49:00 AM

Diep So Anh
Wonderful experience Reviewed 11/9/2016 12:27:00 PM

Excellent location with the night view Reviewed 11/7/2016 12:29:00 PM

Ang Siew Choo
Great view, great food Reviewed 10/26/2016 5:54:00 PM

Natalia Kezyana
Excellent Reviewed 10/25/2016 4:38:00 PM

sanath malalagoda
Nice Hotel with the excellent location Reviewed 8/10/2016 3:35:00 PM

Tuan Nguyen
Good food and good view Reviewed 8/5/2016 11:46:00 AM

Nguyen Duc Hanh
Excellent view Reviewed 7/29/2016 10:06:00 AM

Wonderful place with various food Reviewed 7/28/2016 4:33:00 PM

Bukit LIm
Nice view Reviewed 7/25/2016 10:12:00 AM

Yao Ting Huang
Baiyok sky buffet Reviewed 7/22/2016 8:26:00 AM

Kyi May Han
drinks are too,sweet Reviewed 7/21/2016 2:45:00 PM

Nice place for seeing Thailand by night Reviewed 7/14/2016 11:21:00 AM

Hoang Ngoc Oanh
Cheap and delicous food Reviewed 7/11/2016 7:46:00 PM

Exciting Lunch Reviewed 7/11/2016 8:24:00 AM

bram armunanto
excellent location and great taste of food.... Reviewed 7/2/2016 9:00:00 PM

Hartono Karim
Goood location with view, good service, ok food Reviewed 6/29/2016 7:14:00 AM

Yin shern
Amazing Reviewed 6/13/2016 7:59:00 PM

a lot of food choices. Reviewed 5/18/2016 6:05:00 PM

good Reviewed 5/13/2016 8:20:00 AM

Good location and normal food Reviewed 5/12/2016 2:03:00 PM

anh minh tran
Satisfaction Reviewed 5/12/2016 10:20:00 AM

Good Service ! Reviewed 5/11/2016 4:34:00 PM

Chi Cao
great foods Reviewed 4/4/2016 10:59:00 AM

Good food Reviewed 3/31/2016 7:36:00 PM

Excellent Reviewed 3/27/2016 11:23:00 AM

Very good Reviewed 3/26/2016 11:37:00 AM

Very Good Reviewed 2/29/2016 1:53:00 PM

Quang Minh
Ok but crowded Reviewed 2/24/2016 5:26:00 PM

Phuong Nguyen
Food was good Reviewed 2/18/2016 12:09:00 AM

Shanice Ng
Nice view! Reviewed 2/15/2016 11:26:00 PM

Ivy Lee
DELICIOUS Reviewed 2/13/2016 8:17:00 AM

Lieu Thi
Good View with Nice Food Reviewed 1/8/2016 12:17:00 PM

Nice location with good food Reviewed 1/6/2016 9:23:00 PM

nguyen son
Value for money Reviewed 1/6/2016 1:55:00 PM

Yes,Excellent location Reviewed 12/31/2015 3:28:00 PM

Good view Good Place to eat Reviewed 12/30/2015 12:46:00 PM

Henry Nguyen
Great location to see Bangkok from the sky. Reviewed 12/9/2015 11:59:00 AM

Good value for money, but used to be better Reviewed 12/8/2015 5:33:00 PM

Nice food Reviewed 12/2/2015 10:17:00 AM

Outstanding food and venue and sensational value for money. Reviewed 12/2/2015 5:47:00 AM

John H
Great view, but food selection is limited and the the room is very hot Reviewed 11/27/2015 10:20:00 AM

Good value for money Reviewed 11/10/2015 7:01:00 PM

Erik- Jan de Vries
Noisy environment Reviewed 11/5/2015 1:41:00 PM

Zen zen
Excellent Location with Splendid dinner. Reviewed 11/2/2015 7:17:00 PM

Must try restaurant in Bangkok Reviewed 11/2/2015 4:11:00 PM

Chi Lâm
Good View and a wide variety of thai good Reviewed 10/28/2015 9:15:00 PM

Amazing experience Reviewed 10/23/2015 8:08:00 PM

Execellent Reviewed 10/19/2015 10:55:00 AM

Excellent view but food is ordinary and aircon too weak Reviewed 10/15/2015 10:09:00 AM

Nice view & delicious foods. Reviewed 10/5/2015 8:28:00 PM

Nhan Nguyen
Great location with good food Reviewed 10/4/2015 7:08:00 AM

Hung Nguyen
Food Variety is awesome Reviewed 9/12/2015 6:00:00 AM

International spread with a BIG VIEW Reviewed 9/11/2015 11:07:00 AM

Munish Raja
Great place !!! Reviewed 9/9/2015 3:41:00 AM

Excellent view Reviewed 8/18/2015 11:27:00 AM

Miss Clara Yau
A gimic night buffet Reviewed 8/15/2015 9:46:00 PM

nice view in roof top Reviewed 8/9/2015 9:31:00 PM

Edward Lee
Excellent View from the 84th Floor Reviewed 8/8/2015 11:50:00 AM

Buffet Reviewed 8/5/2015 1:18:00 PM

EXCELLENT VIEW Reviewed 7/27/2015 2:38:00 PM

Hassle free Reviewed 7/25/2015 7:16:00 AM

Overprice Reviewed 7/23/2015 7:43:00 PM

Tom Young
Value of money, good foods, very nice view Reviewed 7/18/2015 12:35:00 PM

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
Tryout this buffett on your first day to experience Thailand food all in 1 place Reviewed 7/15/2015 10:57:00 PM

Matthew Wong
plenty of food Reviewed 7/7/2015 10:30:00 AM

Geo Baetens
fantastic view of bangkok Reviewed 6/17/2015 7:39:00 PM

bjarke funch
Go for the view only ! Reviewed 6/15/2015 3:15:00 PM

Great views & superb buffet! Reviewed 6/12/2015 9:37:00 PM

Estelle Roberts
Good Reviewed 5/30/2015 4:00:00 PM

nice view Reviewed 5/26/2015 11:23:00 AM

esther leong
Excellent location with good food Reviewed 5/20/2015 4:09:00 PM

Very value for money buffet Reviewed 5/17/2015 5:50:00 PM

Excellent Reviewed 5/11/2015 11:30:00 AM

Quoc Hung
Very beutiful sunset! Splendid and exciting! Reviewed 5/8/2015 9:47:00 AM

OK Reviewed 5/7/2015 1:30:00 PM

Han Luu
GOOD FOOD, GOOD RESTAURANT Reviewed 4/28/2015 12:21:00 PM

Buffet dinner is okei with the current price Reviewed 4/20/2015 5:20:00 PM

Anh Quynh Ly
Too much of a rush Reviewed 4/20/2015 4:18:00 PM

Hot & Stuffy Reviewed 4/9/2015 11:44:00 AM

Beautiful View Reviewed 1/29/2015 9:21:00 AM

Truc Phuong Pham
"Must see" place Reviewed 1/28/2015 6:11:00 PM

I will come back Reviewed 1/26/2015 10:23:00 AM

Thuy Pham
Best views to enjoy lovely buffet. Reviewed 1/19/2015 5:04:00 PM

GOOD VIEW Reviewed 1/18/2015 12:10:00 AM

Nice experience Reviewed 1/14/2015 10:54:00 PM

Ismail Balaban
Not many variety Reviewed 12/31/2014 7:28:00 AM

Kareen lai
Good restaurant. Good service. Reviewed 12/15/2014 10:30:00 PM

minh son
Super Essen, Tolle Aussicht!! Reviewed 12/11/2014 1:17:00 PM

kindl gerald
Superb Food Reviewed 11/26/2014 10:02:00 PM

Good Experience Reviewed 11/26/2014 1:15:00 PM

Celebrating My Girlfriend Birthday Reviewed 11/19/2014 8:42:00 AM

Benjamin Tee
food...view Reviewed 11/4/2014 8:03:00 PM

Nice place to view the city from above. Reviewed 11/4/2014 12:45:00 PM

Good service, good location Reviewed 11/4/2014 10:56:00 AM

Hanh nguyen
Visit for Bangkok beautiful night view Reviewed 10/27/2014 3:42:00 PM

Srikanth Reddy Yaraguti
It s quite nice buffet / view restaurant Reviewed 10/22/2014 10:05:00 PM

Great Value Reviewed 10/15/2014 11:10:00 AM

John H Harvey
Not worth it !!! Reviewed 10/11/2014 9:06:00 AM

James Ee
alot of food and anjoy panorama from restourant Reviewed 10/10/2014 9:32:00 PM

maria thendean
Superb Food with awesome view 2014 Oct with vegan traveller Reviewed 10/6/2014 12:07:00 PM

ming jian
good choice when you're in bangkok Reviewed 9/17/2014 5:11:00 PM

Superb Food Reviewed 9/3/2014 11:32:00 AM

Only For Great Views Reviewed 9/2/2014 4:07:00 PM

Good food , nice view , good environment Reviewed 8/27/2014 10:32:00 AM

John Suraji
Great views and below-average buffet dinner Reviewed 8/9/2014 2:06:00 PM

value for money Reviewed 7/30/2014 3:35:00 PM

Good location but too crowded Reviewed 7/29/2014 8:02:00 AM

Great Bangkok view but few kinds of food Reviewed 7/24/2014 9:18:00 AM

Thu Tran
Food is delicious, beautiful scenes Reviewed 7/16/2014 10:20:00 AM

Quang Anh
Good view Reviewed 6/26/2014 10:51:00 AM

Susi Amri
great view Reviewed 6/23/2014 8:43:00 PM

good view. good food, good service Reviewed 6/12/2014 1:15:00 PM

lynh phan
Nice experience Reviewed 6/2/2014 2:11:00 PM

Not to be missed Reviewed 5/31/2014 5:26:00 AM

Excellent place to observe bangkok Reviewed 5/24/2014 10:52:00 PM

Excellent restaurant with good view Reviewed 5/22/2014 9:25:00 PM

Huong Huynh
Good food, awesome view! But difficult to find the entrance of the building.... Reviewed 5/15/2014 3:50:00 PM

Excellent location Reviewed 5/7/2014 4:09:00 PM

Great locatiob and food Reviewed 5/6/2014 9:09:00 PM

Tran Minh Hoang
Great locatiob and food Reviewed 5/6/2014 9:09:00 PM

Tran Minh Hoang
Nice dinner Reviewed 5/6/2014 3:29:00 PM

Nice food with great view Reviewed 5/5/2014 2:20:00 PM

Excellent location Reviewed 4/30/2014 1:34:00 PM

Nice location but general food Reviewed 4/24/2014 7:30:00 PM

Linh D. Nguyen
good views.... Reviewed 4/21/2014 12:33:00 PM

Nurmala Dewi
Good food and great view Reviewed 4/17/2014 10:57:00 PM

nice location with standard food Reviewed 4/2/2014 10:18:00 AM

Coky Pratomo
Sumptuous delish and picturesque spot! Reviewed 4/1/2014 7:07:00 PM

Excellent!!! Reviewed 1/15/2014 4:49:00 PM