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The benefits to learn from us :

We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Thai. We are the only Cooking School in Thailand speaks 10 languages. (Minimum 10 students required for Japanese language.)

We are the biggest Thai Cooking school in Thailand in term of number of course offered per week. We teach 21 courses a week. Each course consist of 5 dishes include home made curry paste.

A Demonstration for every single dish by our chef + Hands-on Learning (learning by doing) are our teaching techniques.

Our chef will teach and demonstrate authentic Thai cuisine. When come to your turn for hands-on learning, the chef will guide you to cook based on your own taste preferences. Best cook should not follow the book instead of cook what he or she or his or her loved ones and friends want to eat. Our master chef Mr. Tom knows well how foreigners eat Thai foods from his two decades of Thai cooking experience in North America.

We do not confuse you by using the wrong cooking equipments like traditional Thai/Chinese wok to teach you cooking Thai foods.

We use halal meats in our Thai cooking school. Non-halal food is strictly not allowed to be brought in or consumed in our premise.

Our Chef will guide you to find substitute for some ingredients that may not be available in your city where you live.

You become our student first time, you will get our support forever. At anytime, you can write email to us if you need some help in your Thai cooking. You want to cook Thai foods, we can help !

For the first morning class students, you will have a real life shopping experience to visit the wet market to buy cooking ingredients before the class begins.

Our halal Thai Cooking school is one of the ways how we respect each individuals beliefs and values. Everyone is unique like each individuals taste preference. For those who do not eat beef, we will substitute other meat based on your request. Our ultimate goal is to make Thai Cuisine Without Borders.

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