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Kidzania Bangkok at Siam Paragon

Kidzania is the very latest and, without a doubt, most innovative addition to the 'edutainment' scene in Bangkok. This is unlike anything we have seen before and the level of fun has been raised to a brand new level. Kidzania, originally a Mexican company, has been opening family entertainment centers since 1999 in Santa Fe, then in 11 additional locations around the world; Bangkok being the latest one.

At first this appears to be another cute mini-town with pretty European style houses below painted skies - which it is. But beyond the extremely well executed craftsmanship, a much deeper level of education is brought to the kids.

We then head out on a peaceful ride though the orchards and fields of the countryside abndant with vegetables and sesonal fruits, sampling at roadside stalls along the way, as we encounter plenty of friendly local people.

Each and every one of the shops and buildings in Kidzania town is a learning experience for children from four to 15 years old. Not just some boring 'show-how': here kids get to be part of the shops.

It's extremely well executed and kids love it! The range of experiences is also unique as there are up to 80 different jobs to choose from, everything from being a real dentist to flying a Boeing 737 Fight a hotel fire with real water and ride a tiny fire truck to reach the scene. Rescue people with a small ambulance and bring them to a mini hospital where you get to use almost real equipment. Everything is very realistic, just smaller. Then move to the newspaper office and report to a real newsroom or a TV studio... if only real life jobs would look as fun.


  • The place for child to perform their favorite career, and they can practice the important skill to prepare for future.

Price Includes

  • Admission Fee Only.

Price Excludes

  • Personal expenses such as tips, food and drinks, alcohol beverage, etc.
  • Transfer from / to your hotel.
  • Other services which are not mentioned in this program.

Important Things To Know

  • Opening Hours : Weekdays 10:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs. / Weekend and Holidays - 10:30 hrs - 20:30 hrs.
  • Location : 5th floor of Siam Paragon, you can get there by SkyTrain to Siam Station(CEN : Interchange Station for both lines) and then take exit 1 for direct link to Siam Discovery and Siam Center and take exit 3 for direct link to Siam Paragon and exit 5 for direct link to Siam Ocean World or cinema complex


  • Tickets must be booked a minimum of 2 days in advance.
  • Babies under 2 years old are free of charged.
  • Toddlers kids age between 2 - 3 years old.
  • Children age between 4 - 14 years old, and adult has to be 15 years old and above.
  • Toddlers can participate in some activities as limited only.
  • Children aged 0 - 8 years old must enter and be accompanied by an adult in KidZania at all times.
  • Children aged 8 - 14 years old are allowed to enter KidZania without being accompanied by an adult.
  • In any case of your booking is not matched with reality when you show upfront (such as child is age, child is height, the quantity of people and etc), you are responsible to pay the additional charge upfront the show/tour reserves the right to non-refund if the booking is mistaken reserved by guest.

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