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Pakkred Babies' Home

Activities ( Blue House Travel Co.,ltd )

Blue House Travel Co.,ltd donates fund and consumer goods to Pakkred Babies' Home join their social contribution campaign, Make it a better place.

Pakkred Babies' Home is a public residential establishment where abandoned children are cared for from birth to five years of age. It was established in 1964 with the objective of providing care for children who, because of special circumstances, have to be far away from their own homes and do not have substitute parents. These include babies abandoned in hospitals or in public places, children from broken homes, children whose parents are under the care of the Department of Public Welfare or homeless and missing children.

The aim of the home is to provide nursery care and services to enhance the development of children, so they have an opportunity to grow up with good health and physical development.

Pakkred Babies Home Volunteer Project
During the seventies, a group of expatriate ladies decided to do something useful with their spare time and together with a charity organization started Pakkred Babies' Home Volunteers Project.

At one time the Home had the minimum number of staff required to look after each room/building, especially in the newborn to one and a half age group. Often one baby had a bottle to suck on in it's mouth for hours on end supported by only a blanket. Rarely did these babies feel or see light.

This is where the volunteers try to make a difference. Volunteers are usually assigned one child who they then see on a regular basis. This can be one or more days a week, it depends how much time you have to spare. When there are more volunteers, more babies receive individual attention and establish a mother/child relationship.

A child who early in their development is brought into contact with a foreign face, foreign food supplements and language, has a better chance in settling down with adoptive parents. It makes it much easier for a child to be integrated into a family when they have had individual care. The project is well supported by the Superintendent and the staff of Pakkred Babies' Home.

Place : Pakkred Babies' Home

Date : 30 June 2010

Location : Pakkred

Contact : 78/1 Moo 1,Thivanon Road,Bangtalad,Pakkred,Nontaburi,Thailand Tel : 02–583–8314, 02–583–3000

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