Charity Campaigns ( September 2010 )

Ruamphaya Person Lame Association

Activities ( Blue House Travel Co.,ltd )

Blue House Travel Co.,ltd donates fund and consumer goods to Ruamphaya Person Lame Association join their social contribution campaign, Make it a better place.

Ruamphanya Person Lame Association is a project aimed at assisting and developing handicapped children suffering from retarded mentality, deafness, dumbness, physical disability. The Center is dedicated to train the children developing their mental and physical capabilities so that we may survive and continue to exist in society and maintain their own families.

We have been trying every day to achieve our goals but have not been completely successful due to lack of funds for construction of the infrastructure including teaching materials. Hence we seek the sympathy and contributions from the public.

Place : Ruamphaya Person Lame Association

Date : 30 September 2010

Location : Nonthaburi

Contact : 68/6 moo 6 Soi mitaree Sainoi Road Nonthaburi 11110 TEL.02-9036744,02-9036750

Web Site : -

You will be bringing hope for a better life.