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Baan Nokkamin Foundation

Activities ( Blue House Travel Co.,ltd )

Blue House Travel Co.,ltd donates fund and consumer goods to Baan Nokkamin Foundation join their social contribution campaign, Make it a better place.

Basic Information Founded 1989, by Mr. Erwin Groebli. About “Without Baan Nok Kamin, I would not have known how to stay alive. I would never have gone to school and would never have graduated. Probably, I would have ended up as a criminal.” - A grown up child of Baan Nok Kamin Company Overview Baan Nok Kamin is a Foundation that takes care of street children, orphans and children from shattered families in Thailand.

In total there are currently about 200 children and young people in the care of Baan Nok Kamin.

Since 20 years we are running, financed through generous private donors.


Mission Giving homeless children a new family, instead of putting them in cold-hearted orphanages.

Products Unlike most orphanages the children of Baan Nok Kamin do not live all together in one big building. They live together just like in a normal family. Our staff members that take care of the children are married couples. Their duty is to be father and mother in each family. Each couple takes care of 10 children, as a big family.

This unique system gives the children what they need most; stability and reliable attachment figures. In this environment they experience, maybe for the first time, how it feels to be loved and cared for. They learn to value themselves, to build up confidence and to respect others.

Our care is lifelong: Baan Nok Kamin takes care of their children until they are able to earn their own money! This means that Baan Nok Kamin is also paying for the young peoples university careers. By providing living facilities for students we make sure to keep up contact with our grown up children. In this way we can reduce the thread of relapsing in early learned criminal behavior.

It works! The group of children, that were first taken care of 20 years ago, are now grown up and well-integrated individuals. Most of them graduated from university, some are already married and now take care of their own families. Website

Place : Baan Nokkamin Foundation

Date : 28 February 2011

Location : Buengkum District

Contact : 89 Soi Sereethai 17 Sereethai RD. Buengkum District Bang Kapi, Bangkok TEL. 023756497 FAX. 023756109

Web Site :

You will be bringing hope for a better life.