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Activities ( Blue House Travel Co.,ltd )

Blue House Travel Co.,ltd donates fund and consumer goods to CHIANGMAI'S BOYS HOME CARE join their social contribution campaign, Make it a better place.

This Home for Boys is a part of Parentless Foster Home Care founded by Department of Public Welfare, Ministry of Interior whose principal was broached to a cabinet since 1961. Within the project scope, the Department of Public Welfare shall establish Foster Home Care throughout the country in every region of Thailand along with rearing the children in foster families and improvement of Foster Home Care’s affairs.

The Foster Home Care shall be set up in response to the actual circumstance and need concerning the number of abandoned and helpless children in each region. For Chiang Mai Home Care Project, it was agreed by Northern Region Committees again in 1963 to have the Department of Public Welfare set up a Foster Home Care in Chiang Mai Province and set up a budget in the year of 1963 respectively. The Department obtained the budget for the said purpose in 1969.

Afterward, in the same year, with a great cooperation from Chiang Mai Province and Chiang Mai Air Force, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Treasury have approved the Department on the use of land located on kilometer landmark 9.500 Km. on Chiang Mai-Fang Rd., Donkaew Sub-district, Mearim District, Chiang Mai Province in which has been utilizing as CM Home for Boys until the present day.

The construction of this facility commenced on August 1969 by declaring an auction under surveillance of bidding and acceptance committees who were consisted of a Director of Foster Home Care Division and teenagers, the Department of Public Welfare also served as a President. The Head of Homestead and Head of Treasury Division served as committees. For the employment committees were composed of Special Engineering of the Department of Public Welfare as a President, Director of Foster Home Care Division and teenagers, the Department of Public Welfare, an architect of Homestead Division, Department of Public Welfare (Mr. Prachet Thanasak) and Chiang Mai Department of Public Welfare, all of them also served as committees. This also included the construction of office, dormitory, school, training facility, canteen, staff cottages as well as the improvement of overall landscape and building of road within the area of the project as equivalent to the budget received, 1,490,000 Baht while all tasks has been accomplished in May 1970.

As a result CM Home for Boys had not been supported budget of water system and electricity installation, they requested Government Lottery Office to response such crucial needs in which the request has been readily accepted by approving 634,000 Baht. The installation of water and electricity commenced in July 1970 as controlled by bidding, acceptance and employment committees which a Chief Engineer and a representative of Government Lottery Office were also concluded as committees. The electricity system was finished in September, 1970. As for the water system, it was planned to finish in December of the same year. At this present


Date : 28 April 2011

Location : Chiangmai

Contact : Chotana Rd, T.Maerim, A.Maerim Chiangmai 50180 Telephone 053- 121157-9 Fax 053- 121160

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