Charity Campaigns ( June - July 2011 )

Yuvabadhana Foundation

Activities ( Blue House Travel Co.,ltd )

Blue House Travel Co.,ltd donates fund to Yuvabadhana Foundation join their social contribution campaign, Make it a better place.

Yuvabadhana (yu-wa-bat) is a non-profit organization established in 1993. It has striven to provide educational opportunities for the needy children in rural Thailand. Three main Programs have been reinforced. They are scholarship Programs, educational development, and educational promotion.

Yuvabadhana Foundation hold the activities to promote and facilitate the quality of education in local public schools, community and organization for children to grow up to be enhanced quality resource for their community.

Place : Yuvabadhana Foundation

Date : 10 June 2011

Location : Bangkok

Contact : 1 Premier Corporate Park Building,Srinakarin Road, Nonbon, Pravet,Bangkok 10250, Tel : 02-301-1093(-6) , 02-301-1438

Web Site : ,

You will be bringing hope for a better life.