Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is a living museum that boats South East Asia’s largest and most spacious underwater pathway. Exhibit various showcases of distinct environment that allows fresh water and salt water creatures to coexist under one roof, alongside representative territories from other significant ecosystems. The inspiration for this astonishing concept comes from the great Mekong River – display at the aquarium as it represents the major waterway that feeds and Quenches the thirst of millions of people across the six neighboring countries that its water sustain.


  • A large cave is the indoor reptile exhibition zone that is the largest in Thailand
  • The 66.5 meter of long water tunnel models life of the Mekong and the rare species of freshwater fish from around the world
  • See rare animals species and exotic plants at the Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

Price Includes

  • Admission Fee and Aquarium Zone

Price Excludes

  • Transfer from / to your hotel
  • Personal expenses such as tips, food and drinks, alcohol beverage, etc
  • Other services which are not mentioned in this program

How to get there

  • Address : 100 Huaykaew Road, T.Suthep A.Muang Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
  • By private car : When you arrive in downtown of Chiang Mai, you drive along HuayKaew Road, pass the Chiang Mai University, and then you can see Chiang Mai Zoo that is located on the left hand which adjacent to the entrance to Doi Suthep. When you arrive the Chiang Mai Zoo, if you come by your car, you have to park the car in the parking building is located in front of the Chiang Mai Zoo
  • By public minibus (the red car) : You can use the car red which are serviced all areas such as Arcade bus station, Train station and Chiang Mai airport. Fare is about 50 - 80 baht. When you purchase the tickets of Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium at the front of the Chiang Mai Zoo, there are the service cars to service and delivery you to Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium by blue Aquarium Tram without any cost


  • Children height between 90 - 135 cm. is considered to be charged as the child rate. Any child is over 135 cm height, please book as the adult rate.
  • In any case of your booking is not matched with reality when you show upfront (such as child is age, child is height, the quantity of people and etc), you are responsible to pay the additional charge upfront the show/tour. reserves the right to non-refund if the booking is mistaken reserved by guest.

Important Thing To Know

  • Open Daily Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 16.00 pm. Saturday ,Sunday and Public Holiday 09.00 am - 16.30 pm
  • 10.30 am and 15.00 pm Feeding show freshwater
  • 10.30 am - 12.00 pm and 13.30 pm - 15.30 pm Nozzle Stingray feeding activity
  • 10.30 am - 12.00 pm and 13.30 pm - 15.30 pm Koi feeding activity
  • 11.00 pm and 15.30 pm Shark and Ray Feeding Show

How To Use

  • You must book at least 24 hours prior to arrival
  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher to enter to the attraction directly
  • The person who books and receives the confirmation voucher must present a valid photo ID/passport along with the voucher number
  • The voucher is valid only on specified date and time of the tour

Animal Zone

  • Zone 1 Jungle Explorer

    • Explore the forest of various species of trees to study the waterfront ecology and learn to explore the freshwater by habitats
  • Zone 2 Monster Creature

    • A large cave is the indoor reptile exhibition zone that is the largest in Thailand. We can see Tarantula, Red-eyed Tree Frog, Chinese water dragon, Chameieon and PhuLuang cliff frog a rare frogs which can be found only in the North and the South of Thailand. The exhibited species can be found only in the area of DoiInthanon, DoiSuthep and nearby areas only
  • Zone 3 Ocean Explorer

    • Marvel of the mysterious charm of the Coast is area that likes a bridge between the ground and the sea. It can be seen the amazed story of the Falcon, Garden Eel, Ribbon Eel, Snake Eel, Bamboo Shark and its egg which is a perfectly natural life to born more than 100 baby of the Bamboo Shark in the sea on top of this mountain
  • Zone 4 Under the River

    • The 66.5 meter of long water tunnel models life of the Mekong and the rare species of freshwater fish from around the world, such as Arapaima size is 2.5 meters,Himanturachaophraya is a large freshwater fish, Chao Phraya giant catfish, Clown knifefish, Slriped Catfish Albino, Giant Barb and includes Mekong giant catfish
  • Zone 5 Peculiar and Unbelievable

    • Enjoy with these fish are poisonous and dangerous and will make you to be stunned with the enormity of them such as Moray eel with sharp teeth and filled with germs, the graceful lion fish but hold a toxic at flanges, Plotosusanguillaris is small fish and like to live together by masses for protection from enemies. Moreover there are many species of jellyfish such as blue jellyfish Pointsjellyfish and Leather jellyfish that swim to show cute shape in a beautiful submarine cabinet
  • Zone 6 Under the Ocean

    • Dive to under the sea by underwater tunnel by length of 66.5 m. It tells the story of life under the sea, astonishes with Eagle ray is called the bird of see,Leopard shark, Giant trevally and more than 1,000 of Barramundi. Provocative with these predators of the sea that are agile Whitetip reef shark and Blacktip reef shark, Hunters of the Night; Sleepy shark longer than 3.5 meters, and awful Black-blotched stingrays in the simulations of a variety of marine ecosystemsexhibition perfectly such as the coral reef ecosystem, the seaweedecosystem and the deep water ecosystems

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