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1-3 ถ.ชีวานุสรณ์ อ.หาดใหญ่ จ. สงขลา 90110
ดี, 6.5
2.2K รีวิว


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Review title

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019



OHH.. for now there is construction on the ground floor
its not the time to stay there untill they will finish.

I requested the last floor.. ( 7 ) for a quiet stay but they din`t say that the restaurant is on the 8 floor.
Early Morning was a nightmare , very crowd, so so noisy, cannot sleep.
My room was also near the elevator, and the stairs .again lot of noise from the restaurant.
There is a phone near the elevator for the maid... the sound of this phone was so echo.
they call her every 5 minutes
It was not a good choice to have the last floor.

Carpet in the room was smelling, the aircon was noisy.
the drain in shower was blocked
Pigeons had the same room than mine... outside...yes pigeons.

But room was clean... sheets and towels good n clean
there is a small frigd in the room
Tv cable no so good.. lost conection many times
anyway there is only 2 english channel

The staff of the hotel was kind but you have to ask and ask if you want some info. They do not speak easily .

Location is not so bad, 5 to 10 minutes walk to Robinson store where is a food market on the ground floor.
I discovered by myself later , there is a Thai market from 1 bloc of the hotel.

Overall , if you ask me to stay there again
I will say no
But for some people who don`t care about the noise
this hotel is a good value for your money

Taxi from or to airport cost 300 bath

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


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