Thailand Hotels

Cancellation Policy

No charge is made to your credit card until your booking is final, that is, when you submitted the payment either online or by fax and we e-mailed you the hotel voucher. In order to secure your room reservation you must complete and submit your credit card details via our Secure Online Credit Card Form or alternatively you may want to print it out and fax it to us duly completed and signed (Our fax no.: +66 (0)2 930 6514).

If we receive your notification of cancellation or your booking amendment request prior 7 days preceding your check-in (not including Sundays) or unless stated otherwise, a one time administration fee of 7% based on your room rate (for the duration of your entire stay) shall be charged to your credit card.

If we receive your notification of cancellation or booking amendment request within 7 days preceding your check-in (not including Sundays) the cancellation fee varies with the hotel concerned. Unless otherwise stated, it is 7% of your room rate for the duration of your entire stay plus one night room charge will lived.

In case of No Show we will debit your credit card for the full amount of your booked stay, e.g.: No Refund Applies.

In case of cancellation or a booking amend request, please do contact us immediately via our online cancellation form below. Please use the same email address as in your original booking request, plus enter your ORDER ID for reference!

Please note that all cancellations or booking amendment requests MUST be submitted in writing (either by email, via our online form or by fax). Please be advised that we will not accept any cancellation or booking amendment requests by phone or without above described details.

Cancellations or booking amendment requests must show your ORDER ID and email address you originally used to make your booking. Cancellations are ONLY valid if you received an email from us confirming your cancellation. If you have submitted your cancellation and do not receive our confirmation of receipt by email do contact us IMMEDIATELY.

Important : For every booking stay during high season ( 1 November - 29 February ), the cancellation must be made at least 45 days in advance before your check in date, otherwise, it is 100% for a whole duration of your stay charge will be subject to your booking automatically.

However, each hotel has its own specific cancellation policy upon your booking. Please recheck at your hotel voucher of your hotel cancellation. Or contact to our reservation team 24/7 at or 66-2-9300973