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- thank you for making travel in thailand easy -
Gary baldry, Canda

- Excellent site - I will always book through Hotels2Thailand.com -
Alan Sampson, South Africa

- Satisfied with the booking both at the time and the speed end efficiency. Would not hesitate to use you again -
Peter McCarthy, United Kingdom

- You are my agents of choice in Thailand. -
C K Wilson, United Kingdom

- keep up the good work -
Mr Anthony Wilson, Australia

- I was impressed with the service. will use you folks again in the future -
Martin Lavtas, Australia

- It is good services. I'm happy from it. Thank you -
Mr. Cedro Marian, Canada

- Service is good and efficient. Price is ideal. No complaint. -
CHAN Wing-shing, Hong Kong

- Katie - thank you for informing Veronica Residences of our request. We got a room on the high floor, a king bed and most of all - a VERY CLEAN ROOM (everyday). -
Ow Sock Hiang (Mdm), Singapore

- I used your services quite often 3-5 years ago. Almost every month you helped me booking hotel in Bangkok. -
Sven Johnson, Thailand

- We are pleased with the service and prompt response -
Ngo Sook Ching, Singapore

- Very convenient service, the excellent personnel. -
Nasonov Konstantin, Russian Federation

- Thank you guys, especially your staff on customer online support, they are very professional and friendly, they helped to change a reservation from a hotel to another and do financial transactions in a a matter of minutes just like if I was dealing with them face to face.

Thank you all, I will definitely use your service to book again and again
Ahmed S. Shokri, United Arab Emirates

- Your sevice is excellent just keep it up.You also make some membership card for customers like me who come very offenly to Bankok. -
Chetan Hinge, India

- I have been using your service for many few years already. I am very happy with it and recommend it to some of my friends. -
William Lai, Singapore

- really good experience booking with you. everything went smoothly. thanks! -
William Ellis, United States

- Will Recommend Friend to make reservation on Hotel2thailand.com -
Goh Leng Hua Henry, Singapore

- I would like to compliment Khun Tik. She was very friendly and bare with me while i am very choosie. Very good customer service. Well I will use your service again. -
Siwaporn Dan, Singapore

- The service and replies were very prompt and helpful- very much appreciated! :) -
Charlotte Chin, Singapore

- We were very satisfade with evrything. Tank you for your help. -
Aniko Vasarhelyi, Sweden

- Thank you again for exellent service !! Everything seems to be ok !! -
nils lysne

- Excellent service, very prompt and helpful -
Wendy Russell

- I would like to thank all the staff at your website for thier great effort in making booking and reservation so easy and accurate. -
Ahmed S. Shokri, United Arab Emirates

- A very smooth, no problems service. The Queens Garden hotel turned out to be ideal for me. -
Ben Shoesmith, United Kingdom

- Excellent service, very prompt and helpful -
Wendy Russell

- A Very great experience -
S. Dhar

- Thank you very much! Your company has done a great job! -
Vanessa Lidgard

- u provide excellent service cause once i book the wrong date your staff was able to change and inform me the changed date all in less than 3 hour excellent service well done! -

- I will return to Thailand for holidays and will use your services again. -

- Good service Thank you for your help I like Thailand, I like Thai people. Good land, smile country I alwayse have nice trip in every times. -
Chi-Yu Tseng, Taiwan

- A very good service. Will keep you on the list. -
Waqad Ahmed, United Arab Emirates

- I was very impressed that only 10 minutes after I placed my reservation, I received a phonecall on my international cell phone to say that my room was only available for one night. Hotels2thailand were available to help us, and managed to get us a room for the night that was previously unavailable. The only problem I have was that the lady we dealt told her we could call her and when we did she wasn't at work that day! Otherwise, everything was great -
Danielle Halfon, South Africa

- I rcvd great help from the team of HOTELS2THAILAND. -
Goh Junhui, Singapore

- Overall, it was a wonderful experience to return to Thailand, and this was made possible because of the truth & honesty of the on-line booking with you. I will book again with you in the very near future. Thank you -
Roberto Julian, Phillippines

- Good prices, good service! -
Francis Pough, United States

- Great service!!! I fully recommend new users to try this site. I will keep on using this site for my future Thailand visits. My friend had to extend one night stay, and when asked directly to the reception, the rate was so high. When he booked through this site, he got the room at the best rate within 15 minutes at 9pm!!! -
Tan Chun Liang, Vietnam

- you guys are great, your service is very professional and convenient, many thanks to your online customer support, they are really competent and friendly. -
Ahmed S. Shokri, United Arab Emirates

- Rin,Sarah hang in there!! -
Masayuki muranishi, Japan

- A BIG thank you to Rin, for helping us out with a last minute booking whilst we were in out of Bangkok ...great service! -
Jonathan Saunders, Australia

- Thanks all your people that I had come into contact for their fine service. Hope you all can work towards another plateau of excellence -
Tay, Singapore

- Thanks so much for making it easy on me... -
Aminah Blancaflor, Saudi Arabia

- very good dealing with hotels2thailand. a company you can trust to look after you and your holiday! -
Jeremy Byrne, United Kingdom

- A very helpful and honest hotel booking service. Thank you. I will continue to check your site when I'm travelling. -
Phillip Kodela , Australia

- Thanks for all -
Eli Tsory, Israel

- All the bookings with you has been great thankyou for your service. -
karl Gill, New Zealand

- Keep up the good work !!! -
Nico Wils, Belgium

- keep up the good work! -
Sam Chek Lian, Singapore

- Very satisfied with service received both from your team and also from hotel staff -
Dorothy Docherty, Singapore

- I like the service that your company provided, I will be booking through you again. -
Stuart Camsey, United Kingdom

- Very impressed with the prompt, efficient and professional service. I will definitely recommend your service to friends. -
Joanna Macpherson, Australia

- Good job. Keep up the good work! -
Jason SEET Chee Keong, Singapore

- I would like to thank you to Lin ? or Rin ? for helping us to get through for extending our stay with First Bangkok Hotel when my Visa was not available and had managed to send someone to collect our accomodation payment in the hotel. She was very helpful, -
Mrs Librada Nikoo & Mr Mehrdad Nikoo, New Zealand

- Keep up the good work, and the Immidiate bookings make it nice and reassuring!! -
Peter Gold / Michael McClure, United States

- Great website for visitors to Thailand. -
CHOU LI-JEN , Taiwan

- Thank you very much, for a simple but excelent service, -
Ray Whiteside, Australia

- I wish you covered other areas of Thailand (e.g Trang, Songkhla) You're so much better than other online services we used in Thailand! -
Deborah Jack, United Kingdom

- Excellent service. The best hotel booking web site i've ever used. Very helpfull -
alan darling, United Kingdom

- Excellent booking service and very competitive prices! -
Mr Peter John Cooper, United Kingdom

- Thank you for a great stay in Phuket!! -
Rachael Barnett, United Kingdom

- overall you guys did a good job, thank you -

- Thanks for helping to make my holiday a true pleasure. See you next time! -
Steven Wilcoxen, United States

- good service !!!! -
Ossi Poysti , Finland

- An excellent service, thank you -
Linda MOORE, United Kingdom

- I´m satisfied. -
Bo Ousbeck, Sweden

- Everything worked fine, really nice work - thank you! -
Susanna Lindstr?m, Finland

- I really like the immediate confirmation option. It saves so much time -
Phil Castle, United Kingdom

- Thanks, a very positive experience -
luine chambers smith & edymar santos, United States

- Overall I was very satiafied with the whole experience. First time done booking thru the net and everything went well. Thank you. -
Ramesh Niedu, Singapore


- very satisfied with your service and response -
Gary Cockroft New, Zealand

- The patient and first class service attitude that your staff Rinchyth has provided myself with. -
Becky, Tan Singapore

- Reliable service! -
MP LEE, Singapore

- Over all good experience -
Burt Levenson, United States

- I enjoy your service, Thanks for your staffs. -
E. H. Kim, United States

- A great web site and great service. Thanks. -
Owen Maroney, Australia

- I have all the time in the world for most Thai people, and find the one (Nuch)helping me on my queries most helpful! -

- I spent a wonderful holiday. Thank you for offering the Prince Palace hotel -
Damien B, France, Metropolitan

- Overall, I think that your website is very good and that the service is very fast and efficient; keep up the good work! :) -
Ms. Baisri Kanchanaraphi, Thailand

- One of ur staff name Jane.. she's nice.. proffessional trained.. -
Ryan Yew, Malaysia

- Great Site -
Joseph DiGiovanna, United States

- i haven`t travelled for 10years and this was a totally new way of doing things so i was very nervous, but i couldn`t beleive how easy and smoothly every thing went,i just wish to thank you for making my holiday very special to me. -
MRS JUNE BALA, United Kingdom

- Good price and good information. We will use you again. -
John M. Hestnes, Norway

- Just maintain the price and I will return to book -

- I had to extend my stay at the hotel a few times and spoke with a lady by the name of Nuch, who was very helpful and help me through a few bumps I encountered at the hotel. Thank You Nuch. -
Edward Stanley, United States

- I would rate your service as very good but I still want to know what the procedure for confirming with the hotel for any reservation booked through your website. -
Craig Shirk, United States

- Keep it up -
Clara Pang , Singapore

- Good job, had a fantastic holiday, the booking made it all the more enjoyable as it was easy and hassle free. -
Denise Bala, Australia

- Thank you for making hotel booking so easy and convenient. -
Bruce Owens, United States

- Your site and the services on it seems to be really nice. -
Eric Hakansson, Sweden

- you guys are the best ! -
Han Yun Ku, Taiwan

- Thanks for your service. -
Ram, Singapore

- Please maintain your good services and good promotional hotel packages. -
Seow Wui Nee, Malaysia

- I like your good service and price but I would like you send good offer(cheaper price and good service of the hotel ) to me then I will be your customer forever. Thanks -
Jinda Wongchan, United States

- Will definitely recommend your website to my friends who are planning on going to Thailand. -
Sierra Knight, Japan

- Good Job..!!!! carryon.....!!!!!!..... -
Padmin Goonarathne, Sri Lanka

- Thank you for your great service. -
Witthaya Santiwitthayawong, Thailand

- I really like to your service. It's actually fast and cheaper than a few others I've used. I'll take my family up to Chaingmai for a few days right after I finish by business in Bangkok and I'll surely use your service for Chaingmai hotel and package tour there. I'll be in contact once I arrive in Thailand. -

- Thank you for promptly taking care of my reservation over the phone yesterday. I was able to print the voucher at an internet cafe here on Koh Samet today. I look forward to making reservations with you again in the future. -

- Hi Hotel2thailand.com Reservations, It is amazing to see how fast it is for you to get the reservation done!. -

- Thank you very much. I am very happy with the service I received from you and Hotels2Thailand in general. And Hotels2Thailand will certainly be 1st in my mind for my next trip to BKK. -

- Thank you very much. I appreciate doing business with you. -

- Hi There Thank you very much for your prompt attention & action, APPRECIATE it. -

- I am impressed with your promptness and efficiency. Thank you for the positive service experience. Warmest Regards, -

- Thank you for your help and we look forward to receiving the voucher via email in the next week. We will happily use your services again. -

- Dear friends. We have been on your hotel 4 times and we like it very much,you promice us a very good price if we come back,we wonder if it still be valid. -
Lennart and Rose-Marie

- Thank you so much, it is much appreciated and I shall certainly use your service again as I love Thailand. -
Richard Gardner

- Thank you very much fast regulation. -

- I hope the Thai people and Thailand's tourist industry can go back to normal very soon. Good luck! Thanks again for the very good service! -

- Thank you very much for your assistance, i was delighted to see how professional your company, and staff are, i would be happy to use your services in the future, as we travel to Thailand quiet regularly. So again my sincere appreciation, i trust all will go well. -

- Sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you, the service I have received has been First Class and next time I travel I will be using your services again. -

- Thank you very much for you kind assistance, we found the girl, she is O.K. We will keep your address for our next visit in Thailand. Thanks and we wish you to succeed in restoring the affected areas inThailand and all the good people of Thailand. -

- Just a quick note to thank you. I run a Web development company and was extremely impresses with the system you have to set up, not to mention the Hotel I stayed in (Asia Airport , Bangkok) was fantastic. I also found out while staying there that I saved nearly 60% by going through your site. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. -

- I am pleased to inform that I am very satisfied with your service and I will certainly use your service in the future. I have already recommended you to friends and colleagues. -

- My family enjoyed booking hotels with your company in the past and I look forward to doing the same with you again in the future. -

- My friend recommended me to use your service and I am satisfied your service very much. I didn't get paid much but it was all good experience! I will now use your service again for my future hotel bookings. -

- I would really just like to say (better late than never!) how much we enjoyed our stay at the Oriental Hotel Bangkok, it was wonderful. -

- I want to say thank you very much and I truly believe that sooner than later I will get the chance to visit your Hotel. -

- Thanks a lot for your great service everytime I travelled with your service. I got great and friendly service which I am appreciated a lot. -

- I have back home from the holiday in Pattaya. Thank you for the nice arrange for 3 days Hotel service, specially the Bens transfer from Hotel to Bangkok. we really enjoyed our holiday. I will introduce your service to my friends as well. -

- Dear All, I want to say "thank you" to your team for your great help about booking hotels in thailand. -

- Thank you very much for the prompt efficient services. Trusted I am comfortable with you service. Will not hesitate to recommend it to more of my friends later. -