Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

The Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is certain to become a landmark destination in Thailand - an international attraction to be proud of, certain to capture the hearts and minds of tourists from far and wide.

In essence, it is a living museum that boasts South East Asia longest and most spacious underwater pathways -- crystal clear Sea Tube tunnels that place the observer directly in the center of enormous 360-degree aquatic habitats. Each of seven individual exhibits showcase a distinct environment, completely self-contained, and carefully populated with an authentic cross-section of native species.

This exclusive arrangement allows fresh water and salt water creatures to coexist under one roof, alongside representative territories from other significant ecosystems. The inspiration for this astonishing concept comes from the great Mekong River "itself an exhibit at the aquarium" as it represent the major waterway that feeds and quenches the thirst of millions of people across the six neighboring countries that its waters sustain.

As one of the planet great ecosystems with nearly 2,000 species of marine creatures, the Mekong serves as symbol of the diversity that the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium seeks to replicate. Thus, it brings together thousands of examples of exotic marine life from around the world to their new home, living together in a haven thousands of miles from their native environment, and cared for by their attentive human custodians.

Aside from its appeal as an exciting natural attraction, the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium also serves as an important learning center for the study of marine life and biology throughout the South East Asian region and the rest of the world. In pursuit of this goal, the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is destined to draw visitors from around the world to experience what must certainly represent a proud achievement for the wonderful people of Chiang Mai and the gracious citizens of Thailand.

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  • Child height between 90- 135 cm. are child rate.
  • Child height over 135 cm. are adult rate.
  • Child age under 15 yrs old are not allowed for both program Snorkeling Explorer and Scuba Explorer.

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