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Avatar Spa Mountain Suites Resort Uthai Thani

454 Tambol Baanrai Amphor Baanrai Uthaithani 61140
Good, 6.5
420 Review(s)

About Avatar Spa Mountain Suites Resort Uthai Thani

Avatarn Miracles Resort (Formerly Avatar Spa Mountain Suites Resort Uthai Thani)

This originally designed resort, shaped like a three-bladed , is surrounded by lagoons and pond that are a world of tranquility for those seeking an escape or retreat, whether honeymooners, families or business people. The entire design is inspired by the nearby Khao Pla Ra, a cave that has prehistoric paintings 3,00005,000 years old. The paintings are recreated in red ocher in the spacious lobby, and the cavernous rooms literally, the rooms are imperfect and with wavy lumpy ceilings to mimic the ceilings of a cave.

This design gives the rooms a coziness that reinforces the feelings of retreat, escape, and rejuvenation. The isolated location assures total privacy and the chance to unwind in glorious nature whilst enjoying all the comforts of a modern, classical, and easy lifestyle during one's stay.

We cater to the tastes of clientele who appreciate something new and exciting. You will feel refreshed, like being in the cocoon of the cave again back to the basics, the idea of being reborn. Such is the design that the rooms feel cool in sunny weather and cozy in the stormy weather. The simple unadorned rooms are given warmth by the pools of electric lights hidden in recesses, and a splash of color is added by white beds and comfortable cushions and pillows.

The suites have a remarkable depth, and are bathed with natural light, and, in some of the rooms, bathtubs set in open courtyards amid floors of pebbles. At the pool, you can choose between a fresh-water pool, a salt water pool, or a super-salty pool or Dead Sea experience.

Total peace is assured by our policy for not accepting children under a certain age, as we want to make your stay an ultimate retreat in keeping with our concept and namesake. Avatar or A-wa-tarn as pronounced in Thai???means to be reborn, our entire package is based on that promise. The high ratio of workers to guests will ensure that your needs are promptly anticipated. Avatar will promise you a total escape, and that, as is suggestive in our name, you will be REBORN...

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Real reviews from real guests

Great Escape and Unbelievable Blend of Nature and Comfort.

I love the whole scene of the resort, peaceful embrace of beautiful mountain, and the living comfort with stunning decoration style offered in each guest room.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


อาหารอร่อยและสะอาด ดีแล้ว

- ถนนทางเข้าต้องปรับปรุงด่วนตอนนี้เป็นถนนลูกรังดินแดงอยู่เลย ถ้าหากมีฝนตก และขับรถตอนกลางคืนกต้องลำบากแน่ ควรปรับปรุงเป็นถนนลาดยางก็น่าจะดี
- สระว่ายนำและสถานรอบๆดูรกๆ น่ากลัว ต้องปรับปรุงให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย และสะอาดกว่านี้เยอะๆ
- ห้องพักบ้างส่วนไม่มีโทรศัพท์พักควรต้องมีโทรศัพท์บริการทุกห้อง กรณีฉุกเฉินขอความช่วยเหลือต่างๆ จะได้ติดต่อได้ ถ้าหากไม่มีโทรศัพท์ ก็น่าจะมีวอกกี่ท็อกกี่ ให้ติดต่อได้กับเจ้าหน้าที่โรงแรม

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


Very nice place to stay during short vacation

I really love this place, nice, lovely and beautiful. Also not so far from BKK, only 2.5 hr drive.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


Perfect atmosphere, poor standard of service

It should be operated more professionally at this price. The broken room, equipments, surrounding should be carefully fixed neatly.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


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