Triploca - What to Do in One Day in Bangkok

The Grand Palace

You could be in the city for a couple weeks and still not be able to fit in all the great things Bangkok has to offer. However, sometimes circumstances limit the time you are able to spend here, so in case you’ve only got a day, here’s what you absolutely need to see:

Bangkok is one of those cities that are chock full of things to do. There are sites to visit, food to eat, markets to explore, and clubs to party in. From the moment you touch down at the airport, you’ll start getting the itchy feeling of wanting to explore. No wonder Bangkok is highly acclaimed as one of the world’s favorite cities to visit!

The Grand Palace is a must-see. You will be dazzled at the intricate architecture and the beautiful colors of the estate.

The Grand Palace is divided into four big sections. One of these sections is the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is a highly sacred area, and the holy image of Buddha is placed inside this temple. There are tours every day, so be sure to catch one.

The Grand Palace is open daily from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, and tourists have to pay a 500 baht entrance fee.

Do remember that this is a sacred location, so every person, whether a tourist or a local, must dress modestly to be allowed entrance. Avoid shorts, mini skirts, and any type of pants or tights that are tightly fitted to your body. Don’t wear a see-through top, and make sure you’ve got sleeves. Skirts or pants must be full-length. Your footwear should be covered as well, so flip-flops are definitely out of the question. Overly casual attire is also not allowed, so leave the sweatpants, pajamas, or fisherman pants at home.

People are denied entrance daily because they didn’t wear proper attire, so don’t come expecting to be the exception. Thai people hold this place in high regard, so please show your respect by proper dressing.

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

This beautiful temple is conveniently located right next to the Grand Palace. It’s definitely a worthwhile place to visit because inside is the home of one of the largest Reclining Buddha statues in Thailand. It is also the place holding the largest aggregations of Buddha images in the entire country.

While you walk around the premises, don’t be surprised to hear the sound of coins pinging occasionally. This is the sound of people dropping coins into the golden buckets placed around the walls of the temple for good luck. Go ahead and join them - everyone can use some luck.

Entrance into the temple costs 100 baht. Opening hours are from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. We’d recommend that you go earlier, as the temple does get busy during the later parts of the day.

On your way out, be sure to spare some time for a Thai massage from Tu Chetuphon, the massage school on the premises.

Wat Arun

This temple is a mere trip across the river from the Grand Palace. We highly recommend you take the ferry across to experience the rivers of Bangkok. Once you get to Wat Arun, you’ll have to pay a 100 baht entrance fee before you get the chance to roam around the spacious estate. The temple is huge, decorated with glittering colorful glass that forms complex designs. This temple is very similar to other Angkor temples in Cambodia.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of a hike, it would be very well worth your time to venture up the stairs to the top floor of the temple. You’ll be able to take in an amazing view of Bangkok city and the Chao Praya river. The temple is only open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, but it is fantastic to see at night. View it from the opposite side of the river to get a look at the majestic lights.

Wat Traimit

This temple is more commonly known to tourists as the Temple of the Golden Buddha. It is in Chinatown, housing the biggest gold seated Buddha in the world. It is close to five meters tall, and weighs over five tons.

This gigantic statue was cast several hundred years ago, but it remains in superb condition. Its background is quite eventful. During one point of its history, it was completely coated with plaster and lacquer to appear less tempting to any potential burglars. The statue has even fallen from a crane while being moved! Visit the museum on the premises to learn more about the history of the Golden Buddha.

Entry to this temple is significantly cheaper than the others, at only 40 baht. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All you’ve got to do is get to the beginning of Chinatown on Traimit Road, and you can’t miss the temple.

If you want something to do in the evening in the area, you can always go explore Khao San Road. There is food, fun, and things to buy!